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Fixed: New version: How to synchronize folders between 2 Synology NAS

In order to sync folders between 2 Synology NAS only few steps are needed. We will refer to NAS 1 as local nas and NAS 2 as remote NAS. The two NAS systems will be configured for a bidirectional sync. Changes made on one NAS will be reflected on the other and vice-versa. We will […]

Solved: unable to install Moodle in Godaddy hosting

When trying to install Moodle on a Godaddy hosting server with cpanel you might get one of these two errors: innodb_large_prefix or mysql-file-format barracuda (detected: antelope). GoDaddy instalatron appication offers the option to install Moodle in your Godaddy hosting. Unfortunately for many users this does not work straight out of the box. Some users recommend […]

How to fix the File Usage limit in GoDaddy

Have you reached the file usage limit in godaddy? It is very probable that you did. While you might be sure that you did not upload too many files into your GoDaddy hosting account and even if you know that you have an unlimited storage GoDadddy account, it si very probable that you have reached […]

SOLVED: CLion does not render STL containers

Debugging without being able to see the values of different variables, strings, maps can increase the debugging time. While rendering STL containers should be understood as common-sense for the year 2020, CLion sometimes might not render them. It happened that the same version renders the STL containers on some project and does not render on […]

How to find Windows 10 serial number activation key

Easy to find via regedit, the windows 10 serial numer activation key is not magic anymore. Although the key ideally should be encrypted and not stored as plain text, the windows 10 activation key serial number is stored as a plain text string. The windows 10 activation key serial number can be found in windows […]

How to use Git with Synology

How to use Git with Synology Create  Repo on Synology NAS Using putty login to nas mkdir app git init –bare rApp.git cd rAp.git git update-server-info pwd shows  /var/services/homes/tt/gitRepos/rr/app/rApp.git Clone repo cd work cd rApp git clone ssh://tt@

How to chose the best Smart TV

This table should help find how to chose the best smart tv that fits your needs. While some might prfer to chose an LED Smart TV for the luminosity and constrast, others might prefer OLED for the colors and the power of showning real black pixels.     You can find also how to chose […]

Fixed: No sound in VSDC video editor

I have to say this VSDC is a great video editor, bit the issue with no sound in VSDC video editor is a real pain in the back. VSDC is amazing but for some reason VSDC the audio settings are not so obvious for everybody so you can have the problem of a great video […]

Free up almost 1GB of SD card space on Raspberry Pi

Assuming that you use Raspbian, if you’re not using libreoffice, wolfram, or scratch, removing them can save a lot of space. sudo apt-get purge libreoffice wolfram-engine sonic-pi scratch Remove the junk and temporary files by removing old package dependencies and junk produced by apt-get. sudo apt-get cleansudo apt-get autoremove Find your 10 largest directories: du […]