I have to say this VSDC is a great video editor, bit the issue with no sound in VSDC video editor is a real pain in the back. VSDC is amazing but for some reason VSDC the audio settings are not so obvious for everybody so you can have the problem of a great video editor VSDC with no sound.

While VSDC video editor offers the great option to drag and drop a new audio file, it is not that obvious how to really use the audio leading to no sound.

There are a few options that everybody would try to adjust to make the audio work in VSDC: audio effects, like amplify, sample rate., start and stop time but unfortunately none of them works.

The issue in VSDC video editor is also that, by default we see the elements properties but not the properties for the entire project.

In order to fix the problem of no sound in VSDC video editor this, we have to go outside of scene properties, straight to project properties and from there we can see the option to have a silent video without audio or we can choose to have a mono or stereo project. The frequency, is not really important as the default one is an actually great for any video project.

There is another way to configure the make the audio work in VSDC and avoid the no sound problem. This is not a problem but a feature, to say so, since VSDC offers the option of mono or stereo projects together with no audio option. When you create a new VSDC video project you can choose what type of sound output you prefer, but in case you do not see the audio option option form the beginning, you might get into the trouble of having a great audio video editor and audio output, no sound with no obvious option to make the audio work.

I hope this video helped you and that you will continue to use the fantastic VSDC video editor.