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Fixed: New version: How to synchronize folders between 2 Synology NAS

In order to sync folders between 2 Synology NAS only few steps are needed. We will refer to NAS 1 as local nas and NAS 2 as remote NAS. The two NAS systems will be configured for a bidirectional sync. Changes made on one NAS will be reflected on the other and vice-versa. We will […]

Synology bad sector detected

A bad sector can be easily fixed from Storage Manager – Volume repair. In my case, the repair process started automatically. The log can be identified as: DiskStation kernel: [ 5304.730000] res c1/40:50:c8:1a:34/40:00:00:00:00/40 Emask 0x3 (HSM violation) DiskStation kernel: [ 5304.740000] ata3.00: status: { Busy } DiskStation kernel: [ 5304.740000] ata3.00: error: { UNC } […]