Instagram is the worldwide known content sharing platform. Instagram was launched for sharing video and images. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 .

Launchedin 2010, Instagram has become extremely popular and after an abrupt growth it got a huge amount of users, By 2019 Instragram accounts got about billions of photos uploaded from millions of users.

While Instagram is still amazingly popular you landed here because you are looking for how to delete your Instagram account. In order to delete your Instagram account several steps are needed and for sure to delete the Instagram account is not really straight forward. Navigating through Instagram interface and looking for ways to delete your account you might land only on the page that lets you only to temporarily disable your Instagram account.

There is a simpler way if you want to delete your Instagram account. While navigating to the Instagram interface might not be that easy, you could use the direct link to the Instagram menu that lets you delete your account.

The link that you need to access in order to delete your Instagram account is