Integrating Qt Designer and PyUIC with Pycharm using external tools option

Make sure that the following packages are installed.

Title: Mastering PyQt5, PyQtDesigner, and Pyuic: A Comprehensive Guide


PyQt5, PyQtDesigner, and Pyuic are powerful tools that form the backbone of graphical user interface (GUI) development in Python. Whether you’re a seasoned programmer or just starting, harnessing the potential of these tools can significantly streamline your GUI projects. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of PyQt5, PyQtDesigner, and Pyuic, exploring their functionalities, benefits and how they interconnect.

  1. PyQt5: Unleashing the Power of GUI Development

PyQt5 is a Python binding for the Qt toolkit, which enables developers to create feature-rich and cross-platform GUI applications effortlessly. Its extensive library and versatility make it a preferred choice for building desktop applications in Python. PyQt5 provides a seamless integration of Python code with Qt’s C++ framework, offering access to a plethora of widgets, layout managers, event handling mechanisms, and more.

  1. PyQtDesigner: Simplifying GUI Designing

PyQtDesigner is a visual GUI design tool that complements PyQt5. It allows developers to design complex interfaces through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. By facilitating the creation of UI layouts visually, PyQtDesigner significantly reduces the development time and eases the learning curve for newcomers.

  1. Pyuic: From Design to Code

Pyuic is an essential utility that converts the UI designs created in PyQtDesigner into executable Python code. This conversion process ensures seamless integration between the design and functionality. Developers can simply design their GUI in PyQtDesigner and then use Pyuic to generate corresponding Python code, ready for backend implementation.


PyQt5, PyQtDesigner, and Pyuic form a powerful triumvirate for GUI development in Python. With PyQt5 providing an extensive library of tools, PyQtDesigner simplifying UI designing, and Pyuic bridging the gap between design and code, developers can craft sophisticated GUI applications with ease. Embrace the potential of these tools to elevate your Python GUI development skills and create stunning applications that leave a lasting impact on your users. Get started today and unlock a world of possibilities with PyQt5, PyQtDesigner, and Pyuic!

Install 2 external tools, one to design and one to convert the design to python.

Start and use the tools QTDesigner to design the GUI and piUIC to convert it to something that python understands.