When trying to install Moodle on a Godaddy hosting server with cpanel you might get one of these two errors: innodb_large_prefix or mysql-file-format barracuda (detected: antelope).

GoDaddy instalatron appication offers the option to install Moodle in your Godaddy hosting. Unfortunately for many users this does not work straight out of the box. Some users recommend to change the settings of the MySql database or call support to do it for you.

There is another solution which depends only on you. It seems that Moodle requires different MySQL capabilities depending on the version used. Depending on your GoDaddy hosting configuration, Moodle might be able to complete the installation or might throw an error during the installation.

Installing: Error: MySQL innodb_large_prefix is not enabled. Ask your Twebhosting provider or server administrator to enable this option and try again, and give your provider this link for a detailed explanation.

The one solution that works and which allows you to solve the issue you encounter when you try to install Moodle in your Godaddy hosting is to choose the right Moodle version. Some Moodle version will complain about the MySQL format Baracude vs Antelope while other versions will complain about the innodb_large_prefix configuration in your MySQL.

TLDR: choose a different Moodle version and most probably one of the 3.8.x will work.